Trinity College Queensland aims to produce mission-ready graduates honed in systematic Biblical and theological study, and equipped with skills in preaching, pastoral care and ministry management.

Becoming a Trinity College Queensland student will mean you get the opportunity to choose from a wide range of courses and study options to find what’s right for you—whether it be face-to-face, distance, online or flexible learning. You will study in a supportive and challenging environment that allows you to form close links with religious leaders and communities from a variety of Christian backgrounds.

Choose from a range of courses including Diploma of Ministry, Diploma of Ministry – Chaplaincy Pathway, Bachelor of Ministry, Activate Gap Year Program, Master of Theological Studies, short course for Lay Preachers and Lay Presiders Certificate.

The short courses, undergraduate and postgraduate programs are supported by opportunities for real, relevant theological engagement such as Trinity Unplugged, preaching workshops and mission intensives.

To find out more, visit the Trinity College Website.

Our faculty is deeply convinced about the basic teachings of the Christian faith. We stand in the mainstream of a long tradition that, for us, too, works well at explaining the world and helping us negotiate it in a way that brings life, light, joy, harmony, and productivity.

Trinity College Queensland welcomes—and encourages—searching questions about the Christian faith. The faculty are not interested in creating clones of themselves, but rather in equipping students and candidates for ministry with a toolbox for critical thinking and missional action, and with the skills to provide pastoral care and navigate for navigating complex theological issues.

In order to effectively engage the skepticism that is so rampant (and sometimes warranted) in Aussie society, Trinity seeks to ensure that our students understand not only the truth of the biblical story, but also the reasons people have for their doubts. Therefore, in our classes, we aim to illuminate not only the substance of historic, orthodox Christianity, but also the obstacles that stand between unbelief and a life-giving faith in the person of Jesus.

Trinity College Queensland is a theological institution of the Uniting Church in Australia, a movement within the Reformed and Evangelical tradition. The College’s values, mission, and ethos are governed by the vision set out in the Basis of Union.

We deliver undergraduate and postgraduate courses in partnership with the Australian College of Theology.