And so it’s Easter …

We have been traveling through the season of Lent, exploring God’s call on our lives and our response to this call. Then we reach Holy Week. The week that begins with a welcome march ends in crucifixion.  Sooner or later all our parades grind to a halt. Cheers of “Hosanna-Hosanna” churn into grunts of “Crucify-Crucify.”

Our world is broken with nations invading nations, love of neighbour has been replaced with love of self and the message of Christ’s love being drowned out, ‘killed’ by a seemingly non-caring world. Yet, when the violence of the world meets the love of God; Immanuel holds nothing back. This is the self-emptying way of Christ.

This is the joy that keeps us going, that stokes the fire and helps us proclaim that Christ is Risen on Easter Sunday. This is our hope, our joy and the message we bring to a troubled world.

Rev. Scott Ballment
Presbytery Minister Presbytery of Central Queensland