Membership at Northside

On Sunday morning 9 October, Northside Mackay Uniting Church had a huge celebration. Pictured on the platform plus Eileen on the far right seat, 15 people transferred their membership to Northside and Barbara and Eileen confirmed their baptism.

This celebration was, to a large extent, a catch-up on things not done through the years. It included people who have been part of this church since its beginning 28 years ago, through to Pim and Malcolm who joined us from Ayr only a few months ago, and all sorts in between.

That’s us, isn’t it – all sorts? All sorts who are one in Jesus, who get to share this marvelous thing we call “church”. Many of us stayed and shared a BBQ lunch together to continue the celebration.

This marked the beginning of the celebration, with others to do the same when they return from being away.