Presbytery Reflections from our Rural Mission Minister

The sun rising over the hills of Great Keppel Island looking out from The Haven, Emu Park.

Some feedback from those who attended our July meeting

This year our winter Presbytery and Retreat seemed to be awash in beautiful stories of faith as we shared in the telling and the hearing, of the life, worship and witness of our Congregations. Our times of decision-making also spoke into the ways we engage in mission together as a Presbytery.

During Retreat, the thought came to me that our time both at Presbytery and Retreat was a bit like Jesus appearing to the seven disciples down by the sea – following the resurrection (John 21). When the disciples had finished fishing – they saw that Jesus had prepared a fire, there was some fish already prepared and cooking over the fire, and there was bread, and then more fish as the catch of the day were added and then Jesus invited them to “Come and have breakfast” (John 21.12, NRSV).

Now, fishing and storytelling go well together (or so it seems) and while we don’t know what was said during the meal, after they shared breakfast together Jesus asked questions, gave Peter in particular hefty commands, “Feed my lambs . . . tend my sheep . . .  feed my sheep . . .  follow me . . .” (John 21:15-19, RSV).

At Presbytery we engage in Worship and Bible Study, we share meals together and there is a real sense of the Spirit with us. These times when we are altogether in one place are occasions where we are nourished spiritually enabling us to continue being faithful disciples where we are planted.

Donna Muston

Rural Mission Ministry