Easter at Northside Mackay and Seaforth

Time to hand out the crosses on Good Friday

Easter is special, wherever you might be. To approach the cross once across and look at that unequaled sacrifice, and stare in wonder again at that empty tomb, and hear of the forever risen Jesus.

The Lectionary doesn’t agree, but I think Easter starts at Palm Sunday, and our very enthusiastic children helped us by waving palm branches all over the worship centre. On Good Friday they were fewer in number, but helped by handing out crosses they had prepared on Palm Sunday.

On Saturday, Seaforth had the interesting experience of celebrating Good Friday and Easter Sunday on neither day. We are always small in number, but worship at Seaforth is always special and intimate.

On Easter Sunday we always have a dawn (Sonrise) service up on Lambert’s Outlook (Slade Point). We share the leading of this with Freedom House Ministries. We were serenaded by a surprise bagpiper after we finished, who played Amazing Grace into the dawn. It was all quite beautiful!

At our normal Sunday time we had a very strong gathering, and some of our singing was enough to cause chills. It wasn’t just what we did – it was a Spirit thing; a real celebration of the risen Jesus.

Click here to watch and participate in any of our Easter Services.

It was a special week to remember. He is risen indeed!

Submitted by Rev Wayne McHugh.