Easter in Emerald UC

The Sunday before Palm Sunday everyone at Emerald UC was given a piece of green fabric as they entered church. The theme for our children’s talk was hands. We talked about what we could do with our hands – kind things or unkind things. Then the congregation was asked to trace around their hands on the fabric. The fabric hands were collected, cut out and sewn onto the banners to form our new Palm Sunday banners.

We held a Maundy Thursday meal at the church. It was a shared meal with everyone bringing a contribution. Following the meal Jenny Shaw lead us in a service which included communion. Photos show the participants in the meal.

Our Good Friday service at 8am was a beautiful service during which the children present pinned hearts onto a cardboard cross. In the afternoon members of the congregation attended an interdenominational service in the Botanical gardens lead by clergy from the other denominations in town.

Easter Day was celebrated, lead by members of the congregation and included a children talk featuring the symbols of Easter. Two new Easter banners were added to the churches collection.