From the Comms Team

G’day in the name of Jesus. Welcome to our late (not late as in deceased) June Newsletter. There are two reasons for the lateness of this newsletter:

  1. There have been very few articles submitted, and we have hoped to see more. We do realise that everyone is busy, and a presbytery newsletter is not at the top of anyone’s priority list. Still we dream.
  2. There were still technical challenges to be overcome in the area of deliverability – that is, getting these emails into your inbox instead of your junk mail. When I started my research on this even the experts all said “this is complicated.” It was complicated. But most recent testing suggests it should now be delivered to even the most picky email software. I hope so, anyway,

Our next newsletter will come after July Presbytery and minister’s retreat. We will be focusing on peoples’ reflections on our presbytery gathering, particular sessions, and ministers’ sharing about retreat. As always, articles about happenings in your local congregation is also welcome.

Rev Wayne, for the Comms Team.