Vale Rev Euan McDonald

With sadness, we reported the passing of Rev Euan McDonald in an earlier newsletter, promising to tell a little more at a later date.

The following notes are gathered from some of the people Euan and Yvonne served at Iona West from 2004 to 2012.

This reads like a list because that is exactly what it is. Euan was a very busy minister; it is astonishing just how much he carried, so much of the time.

  • For much of his placement at Iona West, Euan served as Deputy Chair of the Presbytery of Central Queensland.
  • Euan was key in starting the Men’s Shed ministry at Iona West.
  • Euan was key in starting the Men’s breakfast ministry at Iona West, which still happens monthly. In what turned out to be his last days among us, Euan got to attend one of those breakfasts he started.
  • Euan served as Director of Camp Eagle.
  • Euan served as Chair of QLD Assembly of Confessing Congregations.
  • Euan got very involved with local ministers and youth work.
  • Euan was instrumental in starting the family service at Iona West.
  • Euan taught RI at West Mackay Primary School.
  • Cafe Church started at Iona West under Euan’s leadership.
  • Euan was involved with CASA and CASA Breakfasts. CASA = Community Accomodation Support Agency in Mackay.
  • Euan was involved with Mackay Churches Together.
  • Euan assisted Phil Hall (school chaplain) at Mackay State High School.
  • Euan helped set up Playgroup with Tanya Peach.
  • Euan was one of the organisers of the annual National Day of Thanksgiving event in Mackay.
  • Euan was instumental in Firestorm, a monthly Mackay region youth gathering.
  • Euan ran several Alpha courses.
  • Euan encouraged youth ministry and engaged a paid youth worker.
  • Euan was instrumental in the rationalisation of the Iona West property, and the building of the new hall. It was a long, frustrating process, and Euan pursued it to the end.
  • Euan led several congregation camps.

This is not an exhaustive list of activities, ventures, or initiatives that Euan was behind. Apart from the ACC involvement, this reflects only the ministry aspect of his life at Iona West, and he was obviously much more than just these. But these notes come from his friends from Iona West.