Safe Ministry Matters

Our presbytery newsletter is progressing every month and it would be fantastic to reach out further to the wider community with our news.

The Communications team has been encouraging each congregation to nominate a journalist and photographer to capture activities and share with the rest of the presbytery, through our newsletter.

As all images will go out to the world wide web, photographs or images of children, young people and families will require consent for personal information to be published online or in other public forums.

The consent process extends further to the steps involved in the planning process for activities, and more detailed information, including the Image Release Form are accessible on the Synod website Planning Programs and Activities, and at this time, the particular form is downloadable here.

So we encourage all congregations to capture the excitement of your activity but please ensure that our children are safe during the process.

Submitted by Sheri Holland, CQ Presbytery Safe Ministry with Children Facilitator