New Presbytery Newsletter

This newsletter is the first of a new kind, as an initiative of the new Presbytery Communications Project Team. It will be received as a formatted email, and to get the most from it you may need to tell your email app to display images.

This May 2022 newsletter comes after lots of development work, some of which is ongoing, to establish a high quality, super low cost process and platform for our newsletters.

An important change is that we are now always gathering articles for the next newsletter. If there is an event of some kind in your congregation space, please get someone to get some photos, and someone to write up an article. We want to include news from around the presbytery. We can include quite a few photos, and text is typically 200-300 words – not long, so that people will actually read them.

We are looking for a second presbytery photographer, and 1 or 2 people who enjoy writing to take the role of reporter to help write articles about presbytery events.

We are very interested in feedback on this new format. You can reply to these newsletters. Feel free to reply and tell us if it is displaying correctly, and whether it’s working well for you.