Conclusion of Placement for Donna

Rev. Suzy Sitton recognising Donna’s impact over the past three years, especially in smaller congregations.

On Friday evening 11 November, in Emerald Uniting Church, we celebrated Pastor Donna Muston’s years of service as Rural Mission Minister for the Presbytery of Central Queensland.

Rev Scott Ballment led members of presbytery in a brief liturgy, celebrating the years of service in that role, but also looking forward to the imminent commencement of Donna’s placement with our Congregation of Central Western Queensland UCA (CoCWQUCA).

Because of Donna’s responsibilities under UnitingCare and Connect 100, Scott Guyatt expressed appreciation from UnitingCare. Rev Suzy Sitton thanked Donna for all her work, and the “footprints” she has left, particularly in our smaller worshipping communities.

Donna replied, thanking everyone for welcoming her in many places and ways; not so much those at presbytery but all those people in their worshipping communities that we don’t get to see.

Image credits Andrea Nicholson