Intergenerational Kids’ Church

Bronwyn Saxby and Bev Moore are coordinators of Northside Mackay Kids’ Church. Bronwyn shares:

How do young children get to know older members of the congregation? I am a grandmother and one of my greatest joys is to worship with my children and grandchildren.  Each week at Northside the children come up the front of the church and sing a song in worship so everyone loves seeing the children participate in church.  As a leader of Kids’ Church I wanted to know how we could establish greater intergenerational  friendships.

This term we have started to invite older members of our congregation to Kids’ Church so that we can learn a little bit more about them and get to know them better. These older people share about their own family, the time they first decided to follow Jesus, and why they are still coming to church.  We have had some special times with the children and adults singing songs, doing activities together and having morning tea with them.  We have 17 children regularly attend Kids church at Northside and we are so thankful for leaders and helpers who come.

There are already some older youth who help, volunteers from a range of adult ages, but inviting some of the more senior members in is proving valuable for everyone.

The photos attached to this article are all from one week in mid-October. Having just completed all of the media release forms for the children finally makes it possible to tell some stories.