Spotlight on Evangelism

Rev. Wayne McHugh

Evangelism is any form of sharing the gospel message about Jesus, seeking to lead people into relationship with God through Jesus.

What are the major obstacles to evangelism in our Uniting Churches? It takes a big deal to convert someone from not believing to believing the gospel message.

If I was Jesus…..

Acts has been my favourite book in the bible for as long as I can remember because it is so plainly practical – it is about what the believers did next. I enjoyed the fresh look immensely.

On the day of Pentecost when the Holy Spirit was poured out, we’re told that Jewish people from all over the Roman empire and beyond were gathered in Jerusalem, and 3,000 people believed in Jesus that day. I always thought what a big church they got on day one. But the truth is most of them went home soon after. Brand new believers with very little instruction went back to all those places, from day one, alongside others who did not believe.

What a challenge right from the beginning! But you will notice it was a Spirit thing. They did not convince the people, the Holy Spirit did.

If I was Jesus, I’d be the guy at the party turning water into wine.

If I was Jesus, I’d heal me a blind man…..

Miracles were at the heart of his evangelism everywhere they went. I wonder how many converts they would have had if it was just teaching and argument, and no miracles.

If I was Jesus….. I’d get myself crucified, By politicians and preachers, Who got something to hide

Acts 20:4 – Paul’s 3rd journey is closing. There is a plot to kill him, so he’s taking a long route back to Jerusalem (where there is another plot to kill him). We learn there are people travelling with him from many of the churches he has helped create. Evangelism created disciples, and God called some of them into being focused on evangelism.

Fall in love with Jesus again, fall in love with the gospel again, and follow the Holy Spirit’s leading.

If I was Jesus, I’d forgive you and adore you, While I was hangin’ on your cross