Shared Services – Kevin Griffiths

Kevin is our UK connection. He became a Christian in the Church of England and later moved to Australia. He joined the UCA in Victoria. He later moved to Brisbane, and joined Centenary UC, and then spent 15 years in the Middle East. With all the world to choose from, they came back to Brisbane and joined Newlife Brisbane. Kevin is now Manager of Shared Services in the Queensland Synod.

Kevin Griffiths ED, Shared Services -image provided

Kevin is still on a learning curve, learning about such things as regulations and the mechanisms of the UCA. His management responsibilities cover :

  • Corporate Governance
  • Royal Commissions
  • Communications and Marketing
  • IT Services and infrastructure
  • Project Management Office
  • Plenty

Kevin is also involved in Act2, the all-of-church project of UCA National Assembly. Act2 is likely the biggest church-wide conversation since those conversations that brought the UCA into existence. Kevin has encouraged us to get involved in any way we can.

A big ask is that congregations update details of changes in congregational leadership with Synod. There is an online form for that, click the link –

Thanks for joining us, Kevin.