Presbytery Finance

Outgoing Treasurer, Peter Coombes

Soon-to-be outgoing Treasurer, Peter Coombes, shared with us some truths from the finance space.

The really big one is that he is very soon stepping down from the role of treasurer, and we need a new treasurer. We are asking people with skills in that field to think and pray about whether God might be calling them into that role.

Peter also told us that the balance sheet is looking healthier than normal, because money forwarded to us from the Combined Presbytery Mission Pool (CPMP) for a placement in CoCWQUCA has not been spent because a person was not found for that position.

The finance presentation concluded with a time of prayer for our next treasurer.

You could say that our treasurer gets up to all sorts of things – serving Dame Quentin Bryce in his Lions role earlier this year is one of them.